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There are 23 billion European funds to apply in the country until 2029, distributed through the programmes to support demography, skills and inclusion, innovation and digital transition, climate action and sustainability and the sea.

Did you know that 43% of PT2020 applications were rejected because they did not fulfil the admissibility criteria?

% Yunit Approvalrate
% Overall Approvalrate

Main support measures for enterprises


  • Increasing business investment by large enterprises in innovative activities;
  • Strengthening the entrepreneurial capacity of SMEs for the development of tradable goods and services through business investment in innovative activities.


  • To promote the increase of international sales volume through the development and application of new business models;
  • Enhancing the adoption of e-commerce as an internationalisation tool.


  • SME qualification actions in immaterial domains;
  • Promote SME competitiveness;
  • Responsiveness in the global market.


  • Research and development;
  • Pilots or demonstrations of technological pilot projects;
  • Dissemination of technological results made with entities of the scientific system;
  • Among others...
Portugal 2030

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PT2030 Grants guide to leverage your investment projects

PT2030 FAQ'S

Yes, it is possible, in a single application, to frame investments in different establishments located in different regions, with the exception of the regions of Lisbon and Algarve. In these cases, it is necessary to submit an isolated application for these regions, and another one for the other(s).

Yes, micro enterprises are covered by this notice and the maximum incentive rate is 40%, non-refundable.

Yes, the eligible expenditure ranges from €250,000 to €25 million.

Operations in the renewable energy, agri-food, and tourism sectors in the NUTS III region of Alentejo Litoral are not eligible. However, there is a specific Notice for companies in this situation.

Productive machinery and equipment;

Computer equipment, including software;

Technology transfer through the acquisition of patent rights and licences;

Engineering services and studies, diagnostics, audits, marketing plans, architectural designs and studies or reports in the context of aligning the operation with the Do No Significant Harm Principle;

Construction of buildings and remodeling works (tourism and industry);

Rolling stock related to tourist activity (tourism).

Yes, it is possible to submit a new application, provided that the investment project is different from the previous one.

Yes, it is possible to submit the application now, because as soon as it is submitted, you can start implementing the investments. However, your analysis and decision will only be made in phases 3 and 4.

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