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Count on Yunit to grow your tourism projects.

We know that the operational challenges of tourism funding lines require daily dedication, persistence, and attention. Therefore, it is essential to prepare your project with the help of specialised professionals to maximise the likelihood of approval.

The incentives available aim to:

  • Requalification and repositioning of enterprises, establishments and activities, creation of enterprises, establishments and activities implemented in low density territories and the development of entrepreneurship projects.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings aged 30 years or more (or, in the case of lesser age, which demonstrate a conservation level equal to or less than 2), Rehabilitation of abandoned industrial spaces and units with a view to their conversion and Rehabilitation of fractions of individuals inserted in social housing buildings that are the target of comprehensive rehabilitation.
How we operate

How we operate

At Yunit we find the best opportunity to boost your tourism project through these steps:

  • Preparation of the Descriptive Memorandum to support the Financing Request, which includes the Business Plan of the operation (financial feasibility study, financial statements, flow chart, assessment of financial risks associated with the operation; profitability and feasibility indicators and sensitivity analysis).
  • Formalisation of the Application with the chosen Banking Entity (completion of the Application Form, response to requests for clarification and analysis of the Decision Proposal).
  • Implementation follow-ups (organisation of the Project Dossier, completion of the Implementation Report(s) and follow-up)

Do you want to know more about the opportunities available to boost your tourism project?

To turn your idea into a winning project, it is important to rely on the help of specialised professionals. At Yunit you will find a team of consultants who will accompany you from A to Z.
Do you want to know more about the opportunities available to boost your tourism project?

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