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Count on Yunit to find funding opportunities for projects linked to the maritime sector.

The purpose of these incentives is the development of a more competitive, more employing, more cohesive, more inclusive, more digital and more sustainable economy of the sea, whether in the context of the green and digital transition and security in fisheries, innovation in aquaculture or processing of fisheries and aquaculture products, promoting energy efficiency, fostering innovation and enhancing the valorisation of products and the improvement of production processes.

On 3 July, Ordinance No 186/2023 was published, establishing the specific Regulation of the first support measures of the MAR 2030 Programme. These measures prioritise support for economic operators in the sector, covering fisheries, aquaculture, fish processing and marketing.

The Regulation is divided into two chapters. The first one presents general provisions, applicable to all measures of the Programme and the second chapter mentions the specific provisions for each of the following measures:

(a) on-board investments related to energy efficiency, safety, selectivity, productive and organisational innovation of fishing enterprises, including the possibility of supporting collective actions

(b) permanent cessation of fishing activities

(c) sustainable development of aquaculture in the field of productive investments

(d) support for SMEs processing fisheries and aquaculture products in the field of productive investments

Although the MAR 2030 Programme is a continuation of the MAR 2020 Programme, the support measures now foreseen bring some novelties. Check out the differences!

How we operate

How we operate

Yunit supports your company carrying out projects sea related projects, through:

  • Elaboration of the technical description of the project
  • Elaboration of the economic and financial feasibility study
  • Composing and monitoring of the application
  • Support and advice on the implementation of incentive contracts

Do you want to know more about the opportunities available to boost your project linked to the maritime sector?

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Do you want to know more about the opportunities available to boost your project linked to the maritime sector?

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