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Count on Yunit to conquer new markets

The process of internationalisation for companies is a complex path, as gaining the trust of international partners requires a well-defined strategy, time, knowledge and a robust investment and response capacity.
Adequate preparation and the support of suitable partners make this process faster and less complex for companies.

Did you know that there is a “Via Verde for the internationalization” of Portuguese companies?

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A partnership between Yunit and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

How we operate

How we operate

Yunit accompanies your company throughout the international expansion project:

  • Feasibility analysis of the internationalisation process (free pre-diagnosis)
  • Business Plan/Economic and Financial Feasibility Study
  • Identification of Key Market(s)
  • Preparation of Market Research - targeted and specific study that mirrors all the characteristics of a given sector of activity in each external market.
  • International Marketing Plan
  • Framework in Incentive Systems (PT2020, PRR, PT2030):
    - Prior analysis of the project's merit
    - Preparation of the application dossier, descriptive document, and economic and financial feasibility study
    - Submission of the application and full support in the decision phase
    - Follow-up and monitoring of project implementation (submission of reimbursement requests, alerts for fulfilment of objectives, etc.)

Want to know more about the opportunities available to boost your internationalisation project?

To turn your idea into a winning project, it is important to rely on the help of specialised professionals. At Yunit you will find a team of consultants who will accompany you from A to Z.
Want to know more about the opportunities available to boost your internationalisation project?

Want to know more about investment and financing solutions to capitalise your project?

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