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Yunit Consulting joins its Partners to support the Internationalization of Portuguese Companies

27 10 2023
Yunit Consulting joins its Partners to support the Internationalization of Portuguese Companies

"To grow you have to take risks." And, in fact, internationalization is a bold step for many SMEs, but it should not be seen as an obstacle but rather as a challenge and an opportunity to conquer new markets and increase competitiveness.

We know that the internationalization process represents a complex path for many companies, since gaining the trust of international partners requires a well-designed strategy. Therefore, in partnership with Victoria Seguros, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Santander, we dedicated the month of October to supporting the internationalization of Portuguese companies, taking part in two events dedicated to supporting the export of national products and services and increasing the competitiveness of our companies.


📆 Portugal Exportador - October 19th | partnership with VICTORIA Seguros

Under the motto "One day to accelerate your internationalization strategy!", there were ten consecutive hours of business and entrepreneurship, with workshops, conferences, themed cafes, consultancy, B2B and Executive Meetings taking place simultaneously. Yunit hosted the Thematic Café "Export Financing" and co-presented the Thematic Café on "Opportunities and Risks associated with the internationalization of SMEs", in partnership with VICTORIA Seguros.

To help clarify Portuguese managers on the topics of strategic internationalization and exports and available financing, we explored together a crucial topic for the growth and expansion of small and medium-sized companies, sharing what for us are the 3 main steps to guarantee a sustainable growth:

  1. Preparation
  2. Financing
  3. Prospecting

We also addressed the main risks associated with internationalization, including price fluctuations, lack of knowledge of the market, geopolitical and sociopolitical risk, operational risk and risks associated with the transportation of products.


📆 Leiria Centro Exportador - October 26th | partnership with Santander and CCIP (Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

It was the debut of Yunit Consulting at this event focused on helping national companies and managers to chart their path towards internationalization and increasing the competitiveness of their projects. This 5th Edition of the event had the motto "Overcoming Blocks, Doing Business" with the aim of disseminating to companies the steps necessary for internationalization, stimulating debates on current economic and business topics within the scope of internationalization, and promoting the establishment and reinforcement of contacts for each participant to organize the best strategy to take advantage of existing opportunities.

Together with our partners Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Santander, we provide One-to-One meetings to provide support and answer questions and challenges from Portuguese managers.

We were also present at the panel "Doing Business with the Sixth Sense" with our Marketing Director @Andreia Jotta, with space for moments of sharing by several entrepreneurs from different areas and sectors. The conversation focused on the topic of entrepreneurship and its challenges, as well as the importance of intuition in guiding us in business decisions.

The entire presence at the event was marked by the "Via Verde para a Internacionalização" initiative, a partnership between Yunit Consulting and CCIP, developed to maximize the success and competitiveness of companies in international markets.


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