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Interior Turism Investment Fund boosts the Sustainable Development of Low Density Territories

20 08 2023 Investment and Financing
Interior Turism Investment Fund boosts the Sustainable Development of Low Density Territories

In recent years, the promotion of sustainable tourism has played a fundamental role in reducing regional asymmetries and stimulating the economic development of rural and low population density areas. In this context, TF Turismo Fundos-SGOIC, S.A. launched the “Call Investment Fund for Tourism in the Interior”. This financial approach aims to encourage companies to invest in properties located in low-density territories, contributing to economic growth, the appreciation of heritage and the promotion of tourism in these regions.


Fitted operations

TF Turismo Fundos-SGOIC, S.A. created the Interior Turims Investment Fund with the purpose of providing a unique opportunity for companies to acquire properties in low-density territories, transforming them into attractive tourist assets. It offers companies the possibility of selling their properties to the Fund and subsequently taking out a long-term lease, safeguarding the right to repurchase the property. This model aims to strengthen tourist activity in these regions, and stimulate investments in the recovery, rehabilitation and requalification of properties.


Eligibility of Companies and Properties

Companies intended for tourism that own properties, whether dedicated to tourism or not, have the opportunity to participate in this initiative. Companies must be certified as small and medium-sized companies (IAPMEI certification) and meet criteria such as tax regularization, registration in the Central Register of Beneficial Owners, among others.

Eligible properties must be located in low-density territories, present matrix and property regularization, have a construction license and energy certificate (when applicable), among other requirements.


Operating Conditions and Budget

The maximum value of each operation is 2 million euros, encompassing the acquisition price (up to 85% of the property's average valuation) and investments in the property. The lease term can be up to 15 years, with the option of purchasing the property from the tenant company from the third year of the lease term.

Call's total budget is 15 million euros.


Want to know more about this Call? See all the details here.

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