We support your company in the development of Tourism in Portugal.

The Community funds of the Portugal 2020 programme (and other lines of financial aid, such as the Support Line for Improvement of the Offer) support projects that have the objective of helping Portugal to position itself as the destination with the highest tourism growth in Europe by 2020.

The available incentives are directed toward the renovation of already existing hotel units and the creation of new ones. The expenses supported include construction and infrastructures (possibly, the construction of new properties), the acquisition of basic and hotel equipment, as well as expenses with projects, image and promotion.

How we operate

Yunit Consulting supports companies in the creation and implementation of projects that contribute to the affirmation of Portugal as a key tourism destination, through:

  • Strategic reasoning;
  • Market and economic-financial feasibility studies;
  • The definition of marketing and communication strategies;
  • Investment support;
  • Support in the development of the operation.

Incentivos ao Investimento em Turismo

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