We support your company in growing your projects in the agricultural and forestry area.

The Rural Development Plan (RDP) makes 4.2 billion euros available, under the terms of Portugal 2020 programme.

For investments related to:

  • // The modernisation of productive or transformational techniques / commercialisation of products;
  • // The construction and remodelling of buildings;
  • // The acquisition of machines and equipment;
  • // Certification processes;
  • // Energy efficiency and renewable energies;
  • // Plantations (agricultural and forestry);
  • // The protection and rehabilitation of forest stands;
  • // Diagnoses, audits and the preparation of studies (among others).

How we operate

YUNIT CONSULTING guides your company in the agricultural, forestry and agro-industrial sector, in capturing investment:

  • // The preparation of an economic and financial feasibilty study on projects;
  • // The preparation of forestry management plans;
  • // The preparation of the process of applications from A to Z;
  • // Support and consulting in the execution of investments that are the target of incentives.

In each project, we incorporate an innovative vision that aids in promoting the competitiveness of companies and the quality of products.

Incentivo à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Agrícola

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