We support your company in reducing energy consumption.

The growing trend of energy costs has increasingly become a critical factor, and a preventative and timely measure in the area of energy efficiency is decisive for the success of companies. With Community funds of the Portugal 2020 – POSEUR programme, companies can modernise buildings and equipment and achieve significant savings.

How we operate

Yunit Consulting supports companies from the completion of the Energy Audit to the management of planning and implementation of solutions, including support in structuring the application process and identifying other financing solutions.

The service provided includes:

  • An expanded, modular solution that is customised to your needs;
  • The preparation of studies necessary for adequate support of the application;
  • The identification of the best opportunities using the confirmed potential for improvement;
  • The preparation of applications;
  • Support and consulting in the execution of incentive contracts.

yunit incentivos energeticos

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