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Management Consultancy

Yunit supports companies throughout their lifecycle unlocking possibilities and promoting their full potential.

Management Consulting provides adequate and timely information, which will allow you to make accurate and sustained management decisions, mitigate risks and uncertainties, ensure control, and maximise the financial, procedural and operational situation of your business. It covers the following areas:

  • Financial Consultancy
  • Process Consultancy
  • Innovation Management
  • Operational Efficiency
Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy

How we operate

At Yunit we implement strategies that help you monitor your business in different ways:

  • Economic and financial diagnostics to obtain an in-depth assessment of the "pains" of companies.
  • Consistent Diagnostic Methodology - Action Plan - Implementation to correct errors, implement strategies and monitor the development of a project.
  • Process advice.
  • Implementation of actions that will lead to the desired positive impact.

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