We support your company in executing investment promotion projects.


In markets with growing complexity and constantly mutating tax systems, adequate support makes all the difference. The Investment Tax Code in conjunction with the Community funds of the Portugal 2020 programme are essential tools in promoting investment. It covers:

  • Regime of the Contractual Tax Benefits to Productive Investment;
  • Tax Regime to Support Investment (RFAI)
  • System of Tax Incentives for Company Research and Development (SIFIDE II);
  • Tax Incentives for Internationalisation;
  • Retained Earnings Reinvestment Tax Benefit (“DLRR”).

How we operate

Yunit Consulting supports your company in the tax optimisation of its activities, in the analysis of more complex operations and helps take advantage of tax measures and available incentive systems.

  • Information regarding existing measures, their applications and differences;
  • Identification of the best opportunities among the various available tax tools;
  • The preparation of applications;
  • Support and consultancy in the execution of incentive contracts.

The Investment Tax Code brings together tax tools that are important in terms of support and promotion to investment, favouring sustainable growth and the creation of employment.

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