We support your company in reducing expenses and becoming more efficient.

One of the solutions for competitiveness for a company depends on the optimization of non-core costs.

Finding sources of waste is one of the main challenges. A mission that demands detail and escapes the company managers, whose focus is directed towards business strategy.

It is essential to count on an experienced team of specialist consultants, dedicated to the analysis of this type of costs, having well defined efficiency goals.

How we operate

YUNIT CONSULTING guides your company in the process of optimising costs, through the:

  • Initial audit for an analysis of company accounts and contracts;
  • Creation of a consumption profile, a diagnosis of opportunities and research into more efficient solutions;
  • Report of solutions and the definition of the schedule for implementing by category;
  • Implementation of saving measures, with periodic audit control.

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Case Study

O que nos orgulha verdadeiramente é o sucesso das empresas com quem trabalhamos. A Oliveira & Irmão, SA é um exemplo inspirador para todos os que pretendam manter-se competitivos no procurement - reduzir custos nas compras e no aprovisionamento - e obter poupanças significativas. Leia o caso de sucesso aqui!

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