We support your company in determining the value of your business.

The evaluation of companies is an essential tool in supporting decision-making. Opportunities emerge when they are least expected, and having a notion of the value of your company and business can be decisive at certain times..

  • Changes in the company/shareholder structure;
  • Operations for Mergers, Acquisitions or Splits;
  • Support for strategic decision-making regarding investments or divestments;
  • Investor support services;
  • Privatisations and processes for becoming listed on the Stock Exchange;
  • Goodwill impairment tests;
  • Succession, Divorce and/or Shares.

How we operate

Yunit Consulting supports companies in executing the economic-financial evaluation of companies in a systematic manner. For these purposes it considers all the factors that influence the development of the business: products and services, human resources, results, assets, stocks, patents, customers, suppliers, ability to generate value in the future, etc.

It carries out the entire specialised evaluation process by:

  • Analysing the company and external surroundings;
  • Defining presuppositions for evaluation;
  • Preparing projects and applying methodologies;
  • Determining the company’s value.

Avaliação de Empresas

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